Transparency is now indispensable in the fashion industry, right down to the seed.

Systemic opacity is no longer an excuse. This is why we built Co:Farm.

From the EU Green Claims Directive to the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, the global legislative crackdown on fashion’s corporate responsibility has made traceability and transparency all the way down to Tier 4 table stakes. Systemic opacity is no longer an excuse.

This is why we built Co:Farm — a mobile and web application helping us manage and scale up regenerative cotton programs while simultaneously collecting an expansive range of live Tier 4 data straight from the field. All while enabling brands to assess and communicate their material impact in a compliant way.

An aerial view of a forest with the words go farm is our operating system for.

Our digital ecosystem helps farmers rapidly advance on their regen journey

Personalised support, in real time

Farmers are supported throughout the year, with tailored advice, tutorials, insights and recommendations rooted in regenerative principles. All with a multilingual, intuitive UX.

Coordination in field, simplified

Field teams can plan meetings, manage tasks, record activities, and chat with farmers, all in one place.

Program management, with transparency

Program managers gain direct visibility into the progress made on the ground, with live dashboards, chats, and program content management.

A diagram of the data quality assurance process.

Our comprehensive datasets evolve to meet the needs of our partners, minimising the need for audits and enabling full compliance with the rapidly changing global legislation landscape.

We can cover over 300 data points, including demographics, carbon, water, soil and biodiversity. These meet the requirements for GHG and water assessments using Cool Farm Tool, as well as RegenAgri and ROC standards.  

Our multimodal collection methods minimise reporting burden on farmers, and include robust DQA (Data Quality Assurance) processes to guaranty reliable data, every season.

LCA-ready numbers, insights and analysis. Verifiable and fresh from the field.

A screen shot of a web page with a map of the country.
Compliance-ready datasets for science-based reporting
A single source of truth to de-risk cotton sourcing
Customisable dashboards to streamline M&E

All your burning questions, answered.

Experience the full power of Co:Farm

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