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Materra is scaling up regenerative cotton through a farmer-first and data-backed model.

Regenerative agriculture is a system of principles and farming practices rooted in a relational rather than extractive way of viewing the land and farmers. It enhances the vitality of the whole farm ecosystem, building its capacity to evolve, renew, and to regenerate the resources it needs to thrive and restore what has been degraded.

Grounded in radical direct-to-farm transparency, our regenerative cotton programme is helping meet the booming demand for preferred cotton as the fashion industry shifts away from destructive systems.

With the help of our unique partnership model, we are helping brands and farmers alike to commit to practices that are both healthy for themselves and the planet.

What brands get from our Regen Cotton Program

Fibre. Data. Implementation. We cover the gamut in our programme based in India, with the help of our multi-disciplinary team and unique services. Plus the 5000 farmers we work with, of course.

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Make use of our direct cotton fibre sourcing programs, without having to set anything up from scratch. Source 28-32 mm  long staple cotton fibre — specs and samples are always available.

Our program ensures fair premiums for farmers and low project development costs for brands.

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What makes our regen programs unique is the data we provide with Every. Single. Bale.

Access 300+unique data points customised to your needs, ensuring unprecedented Tier-4 visibility and compliance with sustainability and consumer laws and regulations worldwide.

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Our hybrid program management approach combines in-person work with digital products. We design hyper contextual farming programs adaptively, while also collecting hyper contextual impact data, through live practice tracking, straight from the field. We also link all of these to farmer incentives, disbursed in a transparent manner.

our regen cotton is powering progressive brands around the world

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The Materra
Regenerative Principles

Regen cotton farming places a holistic emphasis on reviving soil health, ecosystems, biodiversity, and farmer livelihoods, but it’s never a rigid, time-bound set of standards that ignores context or ecosystem. Think of it instead as a method of continuous improvement to help the most sceptical farmers commit to better practices without risking a sudden loss in yield and profits.

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Reducing carbon impact, improving water stewardship, reducing reliance on chemical inputs and implementing IPM practices.

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Helping living ecosystems flourish with better soil management, crop diversity and the use of beneficial insects.

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Co-designing with farmers, increasing farmer profits, incorporating local knowledge and building resilience in the field.

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A man standing in a field holding a plant.A man standing in a field holding a plant.

Having started with just 21 farmers in 2022, we now work with around 5000 farmers in India across three states.

Our regen programs are built hyper-contextually with a foundation in local community knowledge and practices and then thoughtfully combined with farmer capacity building opportunities.

When making systemic changes, commitment and risk sharing for farmers is paramount. Our programs provide farmers clear outcomes-based financial incentives for progressing towards regenerative goals. Combined with multi-year sourcing agreements with brands, this helps strengthen the brand-farmer relationship over time.

To enable this, we built an expert team across plant science, entomology, implementation, impact analysis, product design, data analytics and even second and third-gen farmers, bringing with them decades of experience in growing cotton and managing complex cotton initiatives in India.

Our on-ground team visit our farmers twice a month providing expert guidance throughout the season with the help of in-field demonstrations, helping reassure farmers when trialling a new input or practice.

We also develop our own trilingual regen practice manuals, all distributed in our workshops, and filled with practical knowledge, tips and instructions.

Digital agronomy support is always available through Co:Farm. Farmers access training videos, receive notifications about crop prices, and chat directly with extension agents when they need to.

When the cotton is ready to sell, we oversee the procurement directly from farmers, disbursing premiums via digital bank transfers. We also oversee ginning to ensure complete segregation of Materra fibre when it arrives — preventing any mixing or contamination — plus the logistics to get bales shipped to partner yarn spinners.

Critical impact data, with every bale of cotton.

Complementing our program is digital agrononomy support and impact data collection all powered and scaled up by our unique digital tool — Co:Farm.

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“Use of homemade botanicals, drastically reduced my input costs and enhanced the population of beneficial insects in my farm. Regenerative practices build soil health and provide me sustainable income from agriculture. I am proud to be a part of Materra’s regen project.”

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“Drip Irrigation system reduced water uses and saved my labour cost on irrigation. Also I got more production as compared to conventional farming. I will increase my cotton area under regenerative farming for the coming season.”

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“I didn’t want to take any risks at first, and so I proposed to do a 1 acre regen program, but later I did whole 2 acres with Materra’s help and I got great results. I was able to save on the cost of pesticides and fertilizers, and they visited my farm helping me with a lot of information that I was never aware of.

From program implementation to cotton fibre & impact data, we’ve got you covered.

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